Which type of Window Coverings are best for you? Shutters or Blinds

Rejuvenating your cottage with unique shutters or blinds can bring an entirely new vibe to your place. 

But how do you pick between them?

When you think about sprucing up your home, it’s essential to consider things. Do you like keeping up fancy with the latest styles, or are you more into timeless masterpieces?

Choosing between Blinds and Shutters isn’t a walk in the park. That’s why Shaded Interiors has put together this nifty guide to help you figure out what’s best for your home and wallet.

When it comes to jazzing up your windows, blinds and shutters are the go-to options. 

Let’s have a look at which one suits your house.

Shutters vs. Blinds

Structure and Fittings 

The main distinction between shutters and blinds lies in their construction. Shutters are sturdy and affixed permanently to the flanks of windows using metal fixtures, whereas blinds are more modifiable and generally affixed best at the window’s top.

Both shutters and blinds come with their benefits and drawbacks. Few might say shutters are more robust and visually appealing. However, blinds can be equally attractive, especially offered their wider array of choices, all while being more budget-friendly.

Style options

Blinds offer a plethora of styles, shades, and patterns, comprising wooden, fabric, and room-darkening options, all tailored to fit your windows perfectly. Their adaptability signifies you can typically find the accurate blinds you desire for any room. Whether you aim to match them with your carpet and furnishings or make them a standout feature, the possibilities are endless!

Shutters, traditionally made of wood, come in up to seven different materials. These can be painted in up to 23 colors or stained in 27 shades, with the possibility of custom colors.

Though there are limited style picks with shutters, they are incredibly versatile, and you’re likely to find a material and shade that complements your home beautifully.


Another significant factor to evaluate is the durability and stability of shutters vs blinds.

Blinds are occasionally perceived as slightly less durable because people have witnessed them breaking or falling, especially with cheaper options. However, high-quality blinds can withstand the test of time if appropriately looked after.

On the contrary, shutters are generally more enduring due to their structure with sturdy materials. They are securely installed either inside or outside the window recess, making them less prone to damage during the process. Besides, shutters boast a timeless, elegant style that ensures they remain stylish for years and years.


Brightly colored fabric blinds often suffer from discoloration due to sun exposure, a common complaint among users. While this issue can be avoided, using high-quality fabrics helps mitigate it.

In comparison, both shutters and wooden blinds can be maintained similarly. They can be quickly wiped down and dusted, much like other wooden surfaces in your home.


Pricing often plays a crucial role for many when selecting between shutters and blinds. Blinds offer a range of materials, from budget-friendly to expensive. Conversely, shutters, with their enduring durability and stylish appeal, tend to come with a higher price tag. However, if your budget permits, they might be the preferred option because shutters are considered an asset, making the cost an investment in your home’s value.

Best rooms for shutters and blinds

Deciding between blinds and shutters will furthermore depend on the room you’re embellishing. Plantation shutters are a popular choice for living rooms, but you need to ensure there’s enough space to make them practical.

Blinds are often favored for bedrooms and kitchens, but there’s a growing trend towards wooden shutters for bedroom windows. This is driven by factors such as the desire for sustainable products and the blackout properties of shutters.

Bathroom shutters are also an excellent option, especially if you opt for vinyl, PVC, or faux wood styles. Real wood shutters and fabric blinds can struggle in bathrooms due to their tendency to absorb condensation and steam, leading to quicker dirt buildup or warping.

However, vinyl or PVC shutters are entirely water-resistant, making them perfect for bathrooms, kitchens, or any room prone to dampness or condensation.


Your preference depends on what matters most to you; the ultimate decision is now in your hands! Are you drawn to the versatility, affordability, and straightforwardness of blinds, or do you prefer the elegance, durability, and style of shutters? 

At Shaded Interiors UK, we redefine interior design by offering a harmonious blend of versatility, affordability, and straightforwardness. Your space, your choice – Shaded Interiors, where design meets distinction.

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